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Esteemed that the earth's atmosphere has 12.4 quadrillion of liters of water in the vapor state, the solution we find then is to capture this water in its gaseous state, free of salt and heavy contaminants, condense it and purify it further and add mineralizing additives to adapt it for human consumption.

As nature produces drinking water

According to the image side, we see how nature handles the planet's water, turning water vapor into clouds, which in turn precipitate and form lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.

How do ultra pure and mineralized drinking water

We develop equipment that synthesize this natural process, making water condensation in any environment and performing a super filtering process by reverse osmosis, disinfection and mineralization which allows us to affirm proven through specific analyzes, we can produce a super light water containing mineralizing properties for the human body to absorb and hydrate quickly.