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Wateair Medic - (Medical and Pharmaceutical Solutions)

Ultra-pure water maker to medical purposes

The producer of ultra pure sterile water model WATEAIR MEDIC  was developed with the intention of meeting the demand for water in medical treatments (primarily Hemodialysis) and production of medicinal drugs.

We produce equipment for any consumer demand.


- 5-step purification with reverse osmosis system
- 4 UV lamps (Ultra Violet) for eliminating bacteria and viruses
- All water tanks produced in 316 stainless steel
- Microprocessor System water quality control
- Low noise level


- Operating voltage: 220 / 230 Volts AC – 50/60 Hz. or three phase.
- Water storage capacity in the tank = Scalable
- Average consumption of the system: 220 Watts / Liter
- Water maker and storage manufacturing: Stainless steel 316L