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Wateair 300 Liters - (Drinking Water)

POSEIDON 300 - Generator of ultrapure water - 300 liters/day
High efficiency in water production

The ultrapure water generator model W300 was developed in order to be technologically flawless in all quality parameters with high energy efficiency and practical applications for use in restaurants, homes, schools, ships, offshore platforms, construction sites and sites that require the daily intake of up to 300 liters of drinking water (per module) can be fabricated in stainless steel or aluminum* and the water can be produced with or without minerals (according to the desired application).



- 5 stages of purification with reverse osmosis system and mineralization **
- One UV lamp (Ultra Violet) for eliminating bacteria and viruses
- Water outlet temperature: Natural
- Water tank made of stainless steel
- Microprocessor System water quality control
- Low noise level
- Pressurized water outlet


- Maximum daily production capacity: 300 liters (humidity: 80% Temperature: 28°C)
- Operating voltage: 230 Volt AC - 50/ 60 Hz.
- Net weight drained: = 230 Kg.
- Water Producer Dimensions: H = 170 cm. x W = 160 cm. x L = 60 cm.
- Water storage capacity in the internal tank = 300 liters.
- Average consumption of water producer: 200 Watts per liter.
- Water producer Material: Aluminum or Stainless Steel*

* According to the place of use or application.

** According to application.